Turnbuckles are used to provide a means for length adjustment and tensioning. They are used with guys for masts, towers, tall structures and engineering applications. Turnbuckles generally have elongated eyes or clevis end fittings for connection to shackles, wire rope assemblies, pad eyes and the like. The main benefit of a turnbuckle is that it may have a greater ability to be tightened under load. Also, there may be a wider scope for providing means for locking while in service.

Grade L Turnbuckles - Units supplied are commercial grade turnbuckles and tested to the Grade L requirements as per AS 2319 - 2001. Certification for Grade L products are issued with goods upon delivery.

Grade P Turnbuckles - End fittings for this range are manufactured using a different grade material, followed by the subsequent heat treatment to meet the Grade P working load requirements as per AS 2319 - 2001. Certification of Grade P products are issued with goods upon delivery.

Grade S Turnbuckles - Available in a Clevis & Clevis or Clevis & Eye configuration, this product uses heat treated, high grade micro alloys. This lighter, stronger, and more compact product meets the working load requirements of Grade S as per AS 2319 - 2001. Certification of Grade S products are issued with goods upon delivery.

Heavy duty industrial turnbuckles range from M10 to M24 nominal size bodies. Turnbuckle End fittings and complete assemblies are produced to meet the performance requirements of AS 2319 - 2001. The commercial turnbuckle range is manufactured to the same exacting standards and are subject to the full process control of ISO 9001. The Imperial thread range conforms to the load requirements of AS 2319 - 2001.

Turnbuckles manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards have a safety factor of 6:1. This safety factor helps to counter possible problems from shock, vibration, fatigue, wear, damage and corrosion. This safety factor must be maintained.

Turnbuckles are manufactured from raw material complying with the relevant requirements of either AS 1442 or AS 1444, or be of another material that meets the intent of AS 2319 – 2001.

Because of inherent differences between stresses in the component parts, different types of steel may be used in any quality graded turnbuckle. End fittings generally require higher tensile steels than bodies do, to give a matched overall performance.

Townley Manufacture exclusively from Australian made steel.

•    Where components are interfaced, they should readily connect and freely articulate to ensure that loading will be applied in tension.
•    Care should be taken to ensure that turnbuckles are not excessively tightened beyond the specified rating in tension
•    Regular inspection is required by a competent person
•    Threads should be protected from corrosion by effective means
•    An industrial turnbuckle should be removed from service if it has a damaged screw thread, distorted body, distorted fitting, nicks, gouges, cracks or corrosion

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