Custom Forging in Melbourne, Australia

When reliability, consistency, quality, and strength is a must, designers and engineers look to forging for the unique advantages of fine grain and high density free from internal inconsistencies. Forging ensures maximum strength in the high stress areas and maximum strength to weight ratio.

Townley Drop Forge can assist you in the design and manufacture of your custom forging by incorporating the latest computer technology and years of experience. Our facilities and the expertise of our staff ensure you and your operations benefit from the finest steel forging in Melbourne and across Australia.

CAD / CAM Design

The application of Computer aided design (CAD) and Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) are essential processes enabling fast and efficient development of your design and important custom made forging information. Our fully integrated machining facility allows us to produce cavity dies in-house and in shorter lead times.

Prototyping & 3D Printing

Townley can provide support and guidance to help solve manufacturing problems associated with product development. We offer flexible options including 3D modelling, 3D printing and forged prototypes

For more information about our custom forging service please email us at or submit an enquiry about custom forging online by filling out the quick contact form

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