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Grade-8 Lifting Eye Nuts

Townley’s new range of Grade-8 Eye Nuts offer up to 4 times higher lifting capacity in certain applications.
Geometry is designed around the DIN582 which presents a larger internal eye diameter across the range.

  • Forged From High Tensile Alloy Steel
  • Tempered
  • Hi-Visibility Powder Coated Finish
  • Manufactured exclusively from Australian Made Steel
  • 100% electromagnetic crack testing to AS 1171
  • Special thread forms made to order


TypeWLL F1 (t)WLL F2 (t)Size A DiameterBCDEGWeight (kg)Product CodeCAD
Metric Coarse0.80.2M0827301248100.17HTEN08Register
Metric Coarse10.25M1027301248100.17HTEN10Register
Metric Coarse1.60.4M1227301248100.17HTEN12Register
Metric Coarse41M1634341556140.37HTEN16Register
Metric Coarse61.6M2041401770160.6HTEN20Register
Metric Coarse82.5M2250502085181.1HTEN22
Metric Coarse82.5M2450502085181.1HTEN24Register
Metric Coarse82.5M2750502085181.1HTEN27Register
Metric Coarse123.0M30606026105262.6HTEN30Register
Metric Coarse123.0M33727234120323.7HTEN33
Metric Coarse164M36727234120323.7HTEN36
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