Grade-8 Lifting Eye Nuts


Townley’s new range of Grade-8 Eye Nuts offer up to 4 times higher lifting capacity in certain applications.
Geometry is designed around the DIN582 which presents a larger internal eye diameter across the range.

  • Forged From High Tensile Alloy Steel
  • Tempered
  • Hi-Visibility Powder Coated Finish
  • Manufactured exclusively from Australian Made Steel
  • 100% electromagnetic crack testing to AS 1171
  • Special thread forms made to order


TypeWLL F1 (t)WLL F2 (t)Size A DiameterBCDEGWeight (kg)CADCAD
Metric Coarse0.80.2M0827301248100.17IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse10.25M1027301248100.17IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse1.60.4M1227301248100.17IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse41M1634341556140.37IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse61.6M2041401770160.6IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse82.5M2250502085181.1
Metric Coarse82.5M2450502085181.1IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse82.5M2750502085181.1IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse123.0M30606026105262.6IGES, STEPRegister
Metric Coarse123.0M33727234120323.7
Metric Coarse164M36727234120323.7