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Stub End Turnbuckles – Why are they not rated?

Here at Townley we get this question almost everyday.

Why aren’t your stub end turnbuckles rated?

The answer is quite simple. We have no control over the qualification or competency of the person employed to do the welding.

If we have no control, we aren’t prepared to put any person at risk of serious injury resulting from a failed weld.

Fortunately, Townley is working on a solution right now. In the coming weeks you will see the launch of a new range of Stub End Turnbuckle designed with the welder in mind. Not only will we prep the stub ends correctly, we will provide a comprehensive user and welding instruction guide to ensure stringent guidelines are met.

Regardless, All welders must be qualified and certified to AS1554:2014

Stay tuned for more on this!

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