Collared Eye Bolts

Collared Lifting Eyebolts - AS2317 are used in lifting, tensioning and staying systems for connection to a tapped hole. The safe working load of each component shall take account of the conditions and be compatible with any loads inherent in and applied to the lifting, tensioning or staying system.

Eyebolts are available in commercial quantities & supplied in mild steel (G-300) or heat treatable alloy materials to customer specifications.

In accordance with the requirements of of ISO 9001 Quality Standards, all eyebolts up to M36 (1 1/2") are subject to process control. A random selection of machined eyebolts are taken from each production run according to the requirements of AS2317-1998. Eyebolts with nominal sizes above M36 (1 1/2") are subject to proof testing only.

Working Load Limit (WLL) - Working Load Limits are applicable when the stated load is applied along the vertical axis of the eyebolt

Safe Working Load (SWL) - Safe Working Loads are applicable when used for a specific lifting configuration under different working conditions.

Safety Factor - Both Metric & Imperial eyebolts have a safety factor of 6:1 as per AS2317:1998
All Thread Forms must be checked prior to installation. Please refer to Care and Use guidelines.

Thread Selection - Extreme care must be exercised in ensuring that an eyebolt's thread form & the thread form in the corresponding hole or nut is the same.

Collar & Face Seating - In order to achieve the WLL shown, the collar face & contacting face of collared industrial eye bolts must be flat, smooth & must be perpendicular to the threaded hole.

Eyebolt Maintenance - When eyebolts are reused, it is strongly recommended that they are critically examined periodically for wear on the thread form or for any bruising.

Correct Fitting of Eyebolt Pairs - When using eyebolts in pairs, it is essential that care be taken to properly align them. Eyebolts must not be forced into alignment as over stressing will reduce their Safe Working Load (SWL)

Should misalignment occur at the first fitting, the following actions should be taken:

  • Machine the underside of the eyebolt by no more than half the pitch of the thread; or
  • Fit a steel shim with a thickness of no more than half the pitch of the thread

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