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Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter


Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter

This lifting tool is the industry benchmark for safe and easy handling of road plates, it maximises worker safety due to its revolutionary design. This eliminates the need to ever put a hand, foot or any tooling under a road plate, even during the installation of the weld-in plate.

The Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter is made up of a lifting tool assembly and receiver plate. The receiver plate is welded into the road plate in accordance with the provided weld procedure.

The Lock-N-Lift lifting tool is connected to the receiver weld-in plate and the dovetail connection securely locks into place. The elongated eye makes it possible to connect your lifting chain sling assembly or lifting tackle (hook or shackle) directly for safe lifting.

Townley manufactures under license in accordance with the original patent holders design.

Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter

  • Made in Australia with high tensile Australian steel
  • Forged, not cast, ensuring durability and structural integrity with no porosity issues
  • Manufactured under license in accordance with the original design owned by the US-based patent holder
  • NATA tested in accordance with AS4991
  • Rated to 5t with a design factor of 5:1
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