Eyenuts - are available in commercial quantities & supplied in mild steel (G-300) or heat treatable alloy materials to customer specifications.

Townley will provide Conformance Certificates upon request, which state the material composition and batch code.

Townley manufacture industrial eyenuts from the same raw material as Collared Lifting Eyebolts; Heat Certified Australian steel exclusively to comply with our ISO9001 and NATA Accreditation.

There is currently no Australian Standard for Eyenuts, However:
The Following Recommendations are made by Townley Drop Forge and are ONLY applicable to Townley Drop Forge manufactured Eye nuts marked "Townley Australia"

In house testing has established the following guidelines for use:

Guidelines for use of industrial eye nuts:
•    Check all thread forms prior to installation. Ensure the eye nut thread and the thread of the bolt of all thread that you are fitting to the eye nut are the same.
•    Check that the material you are threading into the eye nut is compatible and complies with the minimum requirements as set out in the Product Information Guide. Thread fit shall comply with 6G of the following Standards AS1721-1985 (Metric) AS2451-1998 (BSW) BS1580-1962 (UNC). Minimum grade bolts=4.6 Minimum grade allthread=G300 mild
•    Check that the thread is fully engaged ie: the bolt/allthread is engaged to the bottom of the loop eye nut minimum thread engagement should be equal to diameter of thread.
•    Check the collar face and the contacting face are flat and smooth and securely tightened. When all these conditions are met, the AS2317-1998 Collared Eyebolts table maybe applied refer to the Product Information Guide.

Whilst our valued clients cannot currently buy eye nuts online, we invite telephone orders on (03) 9387 4155. To enquire about our eye nuts online, please email sales@townleydropforge.com.au or use the quick contact form.