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Double Swivel Lifting Ring (DSR) Long Shank

The DSR (Double Swivel Ring) Long Shank is an exceptional double swivel ring designed for seamless alignment with your sling. With a 180° swivel and a full 360° rotating range, it effortlessly adapts to various lifting setups, including straight lifts, angled lifts, tilting, and rotation.

Equipped with a protective crossbar, the DSR lifting ring ensures optimal safety and durability in lifting configurations from 0° to 90°. It is engineered to withstand temperatures from -20°C to +200°C and bears essential markings such as CE, WLL, and tightening torque. Manufactured in compliance with the REACH regulation, it also offers options in female and stainless-steel versions, as well as quick lift and welding variants.

Elevate your lifting operations with the reliable and versatile DSR long shank. Contact us now to experience its exceptional performance firsthand.

  • Metric threads available: M24 to M64 – L1=300mm to 500mm
  • UNC threads available: 3/8’’ UNC to 3/4 UNC – L1=8’’ to 10’’
  • Swiveling under load 360° rotation – 180° swivel
  • Safety factor: 4:1 and 5:1
  • Complies with the Machinery Directiv 2006/42/CE
  • Manufactured in compliance with the EN 1677-1 norm
  • Individual traceability number
ReferenceDiameterSF 5:1 WLL (t)SF 4:1 WLL (t)Standard L1Torque (Nm)S1 (mm)S2 (mm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)CAD
DSRLS M 10 UPM 10 (x1,5)0,700,9010010816333030382714539,50,35Register
DSRLS M 12 UPM 12 (x1,75)1,051,3015015816333030382714539,50,41Register
DSRLS M 16 UPM 16 (x2)2,002,302505082045404553381776131,25Register
DSRLS M 20 UPM 20 (x2,5)2,502,5025010082045404553381776131,44Register
DSRLS M 24 UPM 24 (x3)4,405,503001601424625560835525115193,54Register
DSRLS M 30 UPM 30 (x3,5)6,006,303002501424625560835525115194,12Register
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