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Townley’s recent partnership with fellow Australian company Visyload has opened an avenue for collaboration and success. Townley assisted with manufacturing, testing and packaging solutions for their latest game-changing product innovation.

Visyload is an easy-to-install load-sensing washer system that enables a single user to apply test loads to a functioning rock bolt or threaded anchor.

Simply tighten the nut and watch the tabs curl! When Visyload’s tabs are completely curled or “fully deployed”, this indicates to the user that the applied tension or torque has reached its safe working load. This assists a mine manager or specialist geotechnical engineer to assess and certify the bolt or anchor. Saving both time and money!

The product range accommodates test loads including:

  • 8t / 78.5kN
  • 6t / 58.8kN
  • 3t / 29.4kN


  • CAD design assistance and collaboration with engineering team.
  • Design and manufacture of various working prototypes.
  • Product testing and verification in our NATA certified laboratory.
  • Sourcing of materials and metallurgical testing.
  • Manufacturing under our strict ISO9001 accredited quality system.
  • Packaging solutions.

To discuss your custom project requirements call Townley on 1300 869 653 or complete our online enquiry form.


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