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Codipro GRADUP lifting rings are designed to lift heavy loads, ranging from 0.07 to 125 tons, which need to be turned or flipped. With a maximum swivel range of 360°, GRADUP rings can support the entire load in all mounting positions.

Key Benefits

  • European quality
  • Higher working load limits
  • Full double swivel action giving greater flexibility and functionality
  • Customisation of thread types and bolt lengths available in Australia
  • Easier to use in more applications

For more than 40 years, CODIPRO has been providing lifting equipment distribution professionals with expertise, technology and all the skills of a manufacturer that has become a major player in the international market.

From single items to large batches, from standard to special, CODIPRO manufactures and sells a complete range of swivel lifting rings for many sectors such as the molding industry, material handling, transport, logistics, the shipbuilding industry, offshore, lifting, aeronautics and wind power.

In recent years, some “higher grades” have appeared on the market. These descriptions are not relevant for lifting devices with multiple components, such as a swivel lifting ring. In a swivel lifting ring with multiple components, each element is subject to different constraints.

In order to offer maximum strength, each separate piece must be conceived so that the materials used and the design are the most appropriate for its function within the overall device. By creating the GRADUP (or optimised grade) range, CODIPRO is offering a breakthrough innovation.

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